What to Consider When Moving Overseas

Whether you’re planning a move to the UAE, Canada, Australia, the USA or New Zealand, there’s so much to consider. Follow our simple guide to ensure you have everything covered and de-stress your move abroad!

1.5 years to go:

  • Chances are if you’re moving to another country, you already know what the lifestyle entails and you find it appealing, but before you begin the actual moving process, plan a visit to check it all our properly, investigate the house prices and average salaries as well as the cost of living to make sure you can afford to live there and will find a suitable home and job once you arrive.


  • Check how long your passport is valid for, some countries require at least 2 years be left on your passport before they will facilitate entry.


1 year to go:

  • Look into what Visas you’ll need – tourist visas are usually ok for short term but if you plan on getting a job you’ll need a visa to allow you to work. You’ll also need to find out the costs involved and the requirements you’ll have to fulfil.


  • Some countries will require you to have a viable employment option ready for when you arrive, before they’ll provide a visa. If this is the case it helps to know someone, or employ the services of a specialist recruitment agency in your new country who can help you find a job.


  • Collate all personal papers – such as your birth certificate, marriage certificate, driving licenses, employer references, CV and all your qualifications. Make copies and keep them all safe.


10 months to go:

  • Look into specialist international removals companies to assist with the transportation and storage of your belongings. Get quotes for air freight and shipping, and plan your moving date around the timescales they give you.


  • Research bank accounts, savings and investment options and open an appropriate international bank account. Depending on the country you’re moving to, you can do this up to 1 year before you actually move, so do it early and it will be one more thing checked off the list.


6 months to go:

  • Many people choose to stay with someone they know for a few weeks when they first arrive, while they find the most appropriate place to live but if you don’t have this option contact an estate agent or real estate agent in your desired new location to begin looking your new home. If you don’t plan on buying straight away, they can help you find a property to rent in the meantime.


  • You’re likely to need a criminal records check and a medical to obtain your visa, so organising these now will help to limit delays later on.


  • If your pets are moving to your new home with you find out if they need to go through a quarantine procedure and what veterinary precautions you need to comply with. Get quotes for their travel and research the reviews from the company to ensure they will be in safe hands.


  • If you don’t have a job ready for you, begin job hunting in your new area to ensure you won’t be out of work for too long. You may have to travel for interviews, but if you explain your situation many employers will conduct telephone interviews.


  • Put your house on the market, or notify your letting agent of your intended time to leave.


  • Research schools for your children and apply to register them so their education can continue. You’ll need to obtain transcripts of their current school records and achievements for their new school.


2 months to go:

  • Book your flights and pet transport and confirm your removals company itinerary and schedule.


1 month to go:

  • Pay all your bills up to date; arrange a cancellation date for any insurance policies and utility providers such as your phone, gas and internet.


  • Arrange for your medical providers, dentist and doctors to provide all handover files for all your family to ensure your medical care is continued.


International Removals

Moving to a new country shouldn’t be stressful and scary, it should be exciting, and here at Clockwork Removals we specialise in ensuring the actual move runs as smoothly as possible. Our team will take care of everything from the packing and transport of your belongings, to the arrival and unloading at the right time and location, so you can relax and enjoy the move. For more information about how we can help you relocate to the UAE, Canada, Australia, the USA or New Zealand, simply give us a call today.


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