Moving Abroad: Your Guide to Shipping

Moving abroad is a huge decision. Whether it is for work, climate or a better way of life, relocating overseas is a big change which comes with lots of questions: Can I keep the same bank account? Can my pet come? What happens to my pension? Most importantly, how do I move my belongings with me? 

In this blog Clockwork Removals will look into the logistics of moving your personal items abroad by shipment via sea. When relocating most people choose to ship items as this is much more cost effective, though it does take longer. If you need to move your things quickly and you don’t mind paying extra then check out our informative Guide to Airfreight

Moving Abroad: Your Guide to Shipping

Moving Abroad

The first question we are always asked is; How long will it take? This is completely dependent on where you are moving. To get to Fremantle, the main port on the west coast of Australia it takes about 50 days with an extra 7-14 days for customs clearances. Shipping across the world can be delayed due to a number of factors, especially with some current geopolitical situations. To cross the Atlantic, things are a bit more straightforward. This takes about 16-18 days with another fortnight allowed for customs clearances. 

Use a Reputable Company

Whether you are moving to Dubai or moving to New York, make sure you contact a reputable company to assist you with your relocation. Look for companies that are members of the BAR Overseas Moving Group and is a FIDI partner. This means they will have a network of trustworthy partners throughout the world to help get you moved to your destination address. 

Your mover will send out a surveyor to calculate the volume of your shipment and understand exactly what needs to be shipped and where. Once a date is set and you are ready to make your move, a team of specifically trained crew will head to your home to pack and wrap everything that needs to be sent abroad. 

The Importance of Customs Regulations

This is a very important stage in the process Every country in the world has their own set of customs regulations and your items will be subject to checks at their destination. Every box and loose item needs to be numbered to exactly match with the strict inventory required at customs. This is extremely important and if not adhered to correctly can mean your shipment is subject to delays and fines. Our team are experts and have been trained to the standards expected of governing bodies such as FIDI and the BAR. As well as organising your inventory our teams will also export wrap all your furniture in special breathable export wrap to keep it clean and protected during transit. 

Prohibited items vary from country to country. Your International Move Manager will advise on this and will have all the up to date rules for your destination country – as these are prone to changes at any time. At Clockwork Removals, as a rule, we advise all customers to refrain from packing any food products and perishable items as well as alcohol, flammable liquids, batteries and firearms. Many containers are x-rayed or physically examined on arrival at the destination port. If any prohibited items are found then this can result in delays to your shipment, large penalties, confiscation or quarantine.

Shipping Insurance

Once wrapped and inventoried your items will then be neatly packed into a metal shipping container, either 20ft or 40ft, to keep them safe and secure during the sea voyage. Although your items will be packed, wrapped and as safe as possible, unforeseen circumstances can occur during a long sea voyage. With this in mind, at Clockwork Removals we always offer specialist Marine Transit Insurance specifically designed to provide extensive cover for your belongings against the risks connected with international shipping.

If you choose to use a reputable overseas moving company then you can expect your Move Manager to help you at every stage of your journey. Ensuring your customs forms are filled out properly and explaining any red tape. 

For more information on Clockwork Removals overseas moving services contact our international team today.


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