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USA moving checklist

To ensure nothing is forgotten about and to help your move to the USA run as smoothly as possible, we have created a printable checklist with detailed recommendations that you can refer to at each stage leading up to your moving date.

The very early stages of the move:

  • Check your passports are all valid and in date.
  • Make sure you have received your US visa.
  • Have a good sort out of your belongings and decide which things you want to take with you and those that can either go to charity or go to the skip.
  • Make sure you have necessary insurance cover (for the move, personal, medical, car etc.).

6 weeks before the move:

  • Double check all the travel arrangements, if you're shipping your goods or using trains, planes, etc.
  • Obtain your medical records and make sure you inform your dentist and doctors of your move.
  • Inform your child’s school and obtain a copy of their school records.

4 weeks before the move:

  • Get in touch with us and go over all aspects of the move.
  • Write up an inventory list of everything you wish to take with you.

2 weeks before the move:

  • Speak to the removals manager to arrange the storage of your goods, if you need it.
  • Make sure you have paid all your bills.
  • Transfer or close your bank accounts.

1 week before the move:

  • Final checks with the removals manager.
  • Start cleaning and packing all the belongings you're going to be taking with you.
  • Change over your money to US dollars.

Moving day:

  • Make sure your hand luggage is packed with essentials e.g. passports, essential documents, US visas, etc.
  • Double check everywhere to make sure you’ve not left anything behind.


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