Moving to Canada: A Case Study

In December 2009, a couple who owned two homes 30 miles apart, wanted to move and start a new life in Toronto, Canada. In addition, the parents of one of the customers also wanted to join them in Canada, and all three parties wanted to keep a bolt-hole in the the UK for return trips.

This project therefore required Clockwork to manage and co-ordinate four different moves – three international moves to Canada and one domestic move within the UK – and tie all of the moves with sale of the houses.

Clockwork arranged to have all household goods staying in the UK to be moved to the new ‘bolt-hole’ while the rest of the family’s personal items were packed and shipped in one 40ft container to Canada. We organised all of the necessary customs clearance and delivered to the new residence in Downtown Toronto in the week commencing 23rd August 2010, nine months after the initial enquiry.


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