Top Tips for Moving to Portugal

lisbon-1075560_960_720Portugal is a popular destination choice for British people looking to relocate to a new country. Well-liked for its sunshine, beautiful natural scenery and large global presence, Portugal is a top destination for British expatriates. However, moving to any new country is always stressful, and requires meticulous planning to ensure the move is the right decision and goes smoothly.

Here at Clockwork Removals, we’ve been helping customers with their relocation to Portugal for years, so we’ve listed some of our top tips when moving there.


1.Visas for Portugal

If you are an EU national, you have the right to legally live, work and study in Portugal for an unlimited period, and do not require a visa to do so.

However, if you know you are permanently relocating to the country, it can be useful to obtain a residence permit, which you can apply for from the government. This document can be used as proof of residence for tax purposes, and may be requested by your employer or landlord while you are in the country.


medical-563427_960_7202. Healthcare

If you are formally a resident in Portugal, you are automatically entitled to receive state healthcare within the country. Portugal’s healthcare system is free to all who have the right to reside there, and thanks to some huge renovations in the system, is now ranked 12th overall in the world. To access state healthcare, you need to register at your local health centre.



3. Language

Portugal’s native language – portuguese – is the world’s sixth most spoken first language, so it pays to learn the language even if you know your move isn’t permanent. Despite the large number of British expatriates residing in the country, it is always useful to learn the native language of your new country when moving there in order to settle better within the local community. Plan ahead and invest in some language lessons now, and feel better prepared to meet your local neighbourhood when you arrive.



Catedral_de_Lisboa,_Portugal,_2012-05-12,_DD_014. Culture

Portugal is a predominantly Roman Catholic country, and it’s culture often places emphasis on strong familial ties. Families will often gather to eat together, with large frequent family gatherings common.

The most common greeting in Portugal is shaking of hands and kissing on both cheeks, with men shaking hands often in even the briefest of meetings.



5. Roads

Many Portuguese motorways have tolls, either with tollbooths or using an electronic system to pay. You must pay the toll charge within five days if not prior to using the road, or you will face a fine on top of the toll fee.


6. Education

If you are relocating to Portugal with children, it is important to consider where they will continue their education in their new home. Education is mandatory for all children ages 6 – 16 if their parents are legally residents in Portugal, so it is useful to research local schools in your area and sign up your children ready for your arrival.


7. Property in Portugal

sea-city-landscape-skyResearching the area you are moving to is important in order to be sure that it has everything you need. It’s also useful, then, to consider renting property in your chosen area before committing to buying property. Renting gives you the opportunity to experience a neighbourhood and be absolutely sure you are happy there before signing up to a mortgage.


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