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The Top Places to Relocate in 2017

If you are thinking of moving house or are ready to relocate, we have compiled a list of the top places to move to in 2017 within the UK, across Europe and throughout the world.


Moving in the UK

Bristol has been named the most desirable city to live-in in the UK in 2017. Bristol is the Relocate to BristolUK’s 10th largest city and is dubbed the “small city that feels like a big city”. With it’s relaxing seaside scenery, excellent schools and a plethora of jobs in trendy hi tech and creative industries it is no wonder individuals and families are flocking to Bristol. The city is packed with culture, delicious restaurants and one of the world’s top night clubs! It also has fantastic green credentials being named Britain’s Most Sustainable City and winning the EU’s Green Capital award.


Relocating in Europe

Switzerland has long been an attractive place for people to relocate to throughout the world, boasting the beautiful cities of Zurich, Geneva and Bern. Zurich is the Swiss city that tops the list as one of the world’s most desirable places to live. Just an hour’s drive from the Alps, Zurich has an outdoor lifestyle with skiing in winter and hiking and swimming in the crystal clear Lake Zurich in summer. The city is one of the wealthiest in Europe with one of the largest financial centres as well as having a bustling cultural scene with art galleries, museums and one of the world’s biggest street parties, the annual Street Parade.


Across the World

One of the world’s best places to move to is Auckland, New Zealand as it is consistently ranked as one of the world’s best cities due to its climate, infrastructure and cleanliness. Auckland is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing cities as well as being its financial and economic hub and is the only city on earth built on an active basaltic volcano. The area around Auckland encompasses 53 volcanoes known as the Auckland volcanic field and this beautiful landscape around the city allows for some great adventures with the population of Auckland enjoying weekends sailing, surfing and walking.


The Top Spot

Vienna, Austria is ranked as the world’s most desirable city according to Mercer’s annual Moving to ViennaQuality of Living Survey. This historic capital is home to international organisations such as the UN and OPEC  and the city is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vienna is renowned for it’s  fantastic fairytalesque baroque architecture and delicious Viennese cafes. Vienna has a rich musical legacy, dubbed the “City of Music” and classical musicians such as Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven have all lived there. With all this rich culture and yummy food why wouldn’t you want to relocate to Vienna?


Whether you are after the tradition and culture of Vienna, the outdoor lifestyle in Auckland, the chic city lifestyle of Zurich or the trendy club culture in Bristol, Clockwork can move you anywhere in the world at anytime.


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