Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

Spring CleaningSpring Cleaning

The sun is shining, the clocks have gone forwards and it really is starting to feel like spring.  It’s the time of year when we traditionally clear out our wardrobes, sort through the garden shed and declutter the cupboards – so have you started your big spring clean yet? At Clockwork Removals we always like to help out with some hands on advice, so follow our top tips for a quick and easy declutter.

  • Room by Room – The thought of decluttering your whole house at once can seem a bit overwhelming. To avoid putting it off, simply do one room at a time. Designate a room a day or a room a weekend. But make sure you write it down on your calendar so you stick to it!
  • Don’t do it Alone – If you are decluttering a family home, chances are it’s not all your clutter. If everyone lends a hand not only will it be quicker, but you are less likely to accidentally throw away sentimental items. Remember one man’s clutter is another man’s gold.
  • Fix It – We are all guilty of popping a broken item in a drawer and forgetting about it but no matter how good the intentions for getting it fixed we just never seem to get round to it. If you break a dish, loose a button or snap a heel then give yourself a deadline to fix it. If it is not fixed by a certain date, bin it.
  • Box and Banish – Some things are just too hard to part with and if you are the sentimental type, decluttering can be very difficult.  Why not box up all those precious items you love (but unfortunately never use) and take them to a local storage unit ? This way they won’t be taking up much needed space but you know you can get them back any time.
  • The Four Box Method – If you have a lot to tidy away then try the four box method.  Label four boxes; put away, recycle, store and bin then go through your house popping bits and pieces into the corresponding boxes. Storage items can either be sent to a storage unit or stored away in a cupboard and recycled items can be sent to a charity shop or sold online.

At Clockwork Removals we offer a safe place  to store your much loved clutter. Get in touch with your local branch now for a quick quote.


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