How to Move Home with Gym Equipment

Moving Gym Equipment

With the closure of gym’s and restrictions on exercising outdoors at the start of the pandemic sales of home gym equipment skyrocketed. According to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, half of UK consumers purchased home workout products during the pandemic.

Between March and July 2020, sales of exercise bikes in the UK grew by over 2,000 percent and it hasn’t stopped there. Three quarters of consumers surveyed claimed they will continue with home workouts now all restrictions have ended. In fact, the continued purchasing of home exercise products prompted the Office of National Statistics to add home exercise equipment to the basket of goods and services they use to calculate the UK cost of living!

So what do you do with this, usually, heavy and oversized gym equipment when you need to move home?


Smaller items such as dumbbells, kettle bells and medicine balls can be moved easily in small, evenly packed boxes. The items should be well wrapped and padded for protection and boxes should always be marked as heavy.  For larger items it is important to get assistance from a well trained and knowledgeable removals crew. Not only are these items expensive but they can also be extremely heavy and must be handled with the utmost care.


When moving a stationary bike our teams first disconnect the front monitor and export wrap it in high quality bubble wrap for optimum protection. Both the pedals are then removed with extra protection added around the thread to avoid any damage. The bike can then be wrapped up and moved to it’s new home or gymnasium.

Similarly to bikes, the treadmill monitor should be removed and wrapped and packed carefully in bubble wrap. On the Peloton Tread the arms are then removed and wrapped. Finally the base, which can be very heavy, needs to be wrapped and moved upright on a dolly just like we would move a piano.

If you are moving house with gym equipment or are a commercial gym requiring relocation assistance please get in touch with our knowledgeable team today. 


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