Prepping your Home Ready for Sale

Preparing your Home for Viewings

Presentation is key and often buyers are after a tidy, well ordered home with light, space and plenty of storage. You don’t need an expensive home makeover to achieve this. It will take a bit of time and effort but you could be rewarded with a faster sale and possibly a higher price!

Check out our top tips.

Give your Home a Deep Clean

This will take a fair bit of effort, but is virtually free! Giving your house a thorough deep clean in time for the viewings may make a real difference. If needed, consider getting your curtains professionally cleaned. If your carpets need a spruce up you can hire carpet cleaners from most supermarkets. Be mindful about general household smells before viewings too; pet odors and damp and drainage smells can be very off-putting to potential buyers.


This is always one of our favourite tips as creating space is key to a quick sale. Decluttering will help you mentally prepare for moving home whilst creating a tidy and well ordered house for viewings. You don’t need to bin everything, as you can easily put your items into storage until your home is sold. Also consider “depersonalising” your home too. As hard as this may be, it is a really powerful selling tip. It allows buyers to really imagine themselves living in your new home. Popping family photos, souvenirs, children’s artwork and collectibles into storage for the short term can really pay off.

Fix Anything that is Brocken

You want to show off your “well cared for home” so make sure it looks it’s best. If a tap is a little leaky or a cupboard door is hanging off the hinges take the time to fix them. It really is these small things that can make the difference. Unfinished DIY projects should also be completed, even if it means calling in the professionals!

First Impressions Really Count

It is often said that a buyer makes their decision on a home before even crossing the threshold. With this in mind have a good look at the outside of your home. How does it compare to the neighbours? Mowing the lawn before a viewing, planting some flowers or painting the front door might just make all the difference.

Define Each Room

Often a room has multiple uses. A spare room becomes an office or the dining room is a storage den. When selling your home you need to define each room and give it a role. Set the dining room up with a laid table and make the bed up in the spare room, this will all help during the viewing process.

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