Moving Home Superstitions this Halloween

Helping with the Stresses of Moving Home

Moving home is one of life’s most stressful events, full of variables we can’t easily control. At Clockwork we are on hand to help our customers and alleviate as much stress as possible on move day but sometimes they might want a bit of extra help. Superstitions and rituals help people feel more in control of events and that is why there are so many from all over the world associated with moving home.

As we head into Halloween season we got thinking about superstitions related to moving home and the rituals associated with these. Take a look at our top five and see what you think.

Bring bread and salt: This was traditionally a Russian Jewish custom but now a popular housewarming ritual across Europe. Ultimately this is all about hospitality. A loaf of bread ensures that there will be food in the house and the new owners won’t go hungry and salt provides flavour to life.

Paint your door blue: Certain house colours can help sell your home but did you know a blue front door can help keep ghosts away? This South American superstition is derived from the belief that spirits cannot cross through water. The blue is tricking the ghosts into thinking the doorway is a river. It sounds like a great idea if you are moving this October!

Don’t move on a rainy day: The origin of this specific superstition is unknown but it is an absolutely impossible feat to guarantee in the UK. We are confident this theory has been disproved many times across the country!

Exit where you entered: This is an Irish tradition stating you should exit through the same door you entered when you first arrive or you will never fully settle in. It is thought that exiting through the same door means you take any negative energy you brought into the home with you.

Leave your old broom and mop behind: Apparently you shouldn’t move with your broom or mop as it carries all the dirt and dust from your previous house. If you plan on doing this just make sure you tell your packers and removal crew or it might turn up at your new house.

If you are after a stress free move with or without the superstitions, get in touch with our team today.


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