Moving to Canada

O CanadaCanadian Flag

Canada is the world’s second-largest country and with one of the world’s highest per capita immigration rates it is fast becoming one of the most popular for relocations. But how much do you know about this fantastically diverse country?

Read some of our fast facts below and find out more. 


Capital: Ottowa.

Language: English.

Population: 33,476,688

Prime Minister/President: Stephen Harper MP (Conservative Party).

Average Temperature Winter: Ottowa -10°.

Average Temperature Summer: Ottowa 26°.

Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD).

Flight time from the UK: Toronto 7 hours 30 mins

National Holiday: Canada Day, 1st July.

National Dish: Poutine.

National Sport/s: Ice Hockey.

National Anthem: O Canada.

Famous For: Maple Syrup (Among many other things!).


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