COP26: What are we doing to help fight climate change?

Working together

The COP 26 Summit is well underway in Glasgow and our Scottish crews have been working hard in the run up to the event to clear some of the many conference spaces ready for the World leaders.

It was announced earlier in the week that by 2023 most big UK firms will need to set out a detailed plan for how they will move to a low-carbon future. We believe that it isn’t just the large corporations that should be assessing their carbon footprint but that SMEs, and of course individuals, should be working hard to get behind the UK’s 2050 net-zero target.

Our Climate Agenda

For a number of years we have been setting ourselves environmental targets to try to limit our environmental impact as much as we can. We understand that the road transport industry, which we are part of, is relatively carbon intensive and that is why we are working hard to ensure we evolve our fleet, offset and recycle as much as possible. We want to play our part in reducing the UK’s carbon footprint.

Our fleet replacement plan is the single most important part of this, making sure our vehicles are fully compliant with the UK’s Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) as well as initiating continual driver training to ensure responsible driving and fuel efficiency. Our operations teams work hard, throughout the UK, to reduce empty running with strategic planning and backloading and we now encourage the use of virtual surveys where possible to further cut down on travel and emissions. Perth Removals

Our crews use recycled packing materials and recycle them after use where possible. Our branches have partnered up with local eco-friendly organisations for recycling and disposal services as well as upcycling old furniture for charitable organisations to help reduce waste.

We also work alongside Carbon Footprint, taking part in their UK tree planting initiative in which we plant a tree for every container we ship world wide.

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