The Best Time to Move House

When is the Best Time to Move House? 

At Clockwork we are always on hand to help you through the daunting process of moving house. But if you are flexible on when you can move sometimes dates, times and even months can make moving a little easier.


The Day

In general people tend to move house on a Friday or at a weekend. If you can move mid-Moving Houseweek (Monday – Thursday) then you are more likely to get the day and time that suits you, especially during the busier periods over the summer. In fact if you are flexible, ask your removals company for the best time to move. You could get a better deal by moving on days that are quieter for them.


The Date

Traditionally people prefer to move towards the end of the month with the last Friday being the busiest moving day of all. If you can avoid national holidays (which are usually at the start or end of the month) and move mid-month and mid-week then you are most likely to get the date and time you want.


The Month

Everyone knows it is spring when endless “For Sale” signs pop up in time Moving Housefor the summer moving season. The summer, especially over the school holidays, is an extremely busy time for moving house. If you can be flexible and move before or after the summer you are more likely to save money and get the date you want. The run up to Christmas is also a busy time for movers, with the quietest periods usually between mid-January and March.


Now summer is well and truly underway we are getting busier and busier but if you are on the move, give your local branch a call and we will make sure you move like Clockwork.


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