Are you Moving to Brussels?

Why Brussels?

Classified as an Alpha global city, Brussels (along with Washington D.C.) is home to Moving to Brusselsthe highest number of diplomats and foreign press correspondents in the world. The city is home to about 40,000 EU employees and approximately 4,000 NATO employees. Around 27% of the residents in Brussels are expats so if you are thinking of relocating there, it is safe to say you will not be the only one!

Here are some of our fast facts for those who are planning on moving to Brussels.

Language: French.

Population: 1.8m

Average Temperature Winter: 3°.

Average Temperature Summer: 18°.

Currency: Euro.

Flight time from the UK: 1hr 10mins.

Famous For: Their delicious food! Belgium is synonymous with Chocolate, Brussels Moving to BrusselsInternational Airport is actually the world’s largest chocolate selling point and the country produces over 220,000 tonnes of chocolate each year. Belgium is also the historic home of the humble chip which has been traced back to Belgium from the late 1600s!

Best area’s to live: For a relaxed area with plenty of green spaces and a village feel, the suburb of Uccle will tick all your boxes but you will be paying a premium for the large houses and spacious gardens. For a more vibrant “buzzy” scene check out Chaussée d’Ixelles located within the huge surburb of Ixelles which also includes the trendy district of Châtelain. Finally Etterbeek offers a more cost effective living option whilst also boasting attractive architecture, good public transport links and a number of international schools.

Cost of Living: It is important to look at living costs before moving anywhere, in Brussels monthly rent for a standard flat is about £840, a litre of petrol is £1.13 while the cost of dinner out for two people is about £34. A beer in your local pub would set you back £2.88, a monthly train ticket is £43 and a month’s utility bill is on average £81.

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