The Ultimate House Viewing Guide

Clockwork’s House Viewing Guide

Going to view a new house or flat is really exciting but it is also the only time you get to view the property before making the huge decision on whether to buy it or not. When going to viewings it is important to remain level headed and not get too carried away with the excitement, especially if you already think it is your dream home!

We have put together a complete guide to help you through the viewing process to make sure you know all the facts about your potential new home.

General questions and handy things to know

  • Check the travel time from the property to your work or school during rush hour.
  • Where is the boiler? How old is it and when was it last serviced?Garden
  • Is there loft access? Ask if you can go up and see it.
  • Are there smoke alarms?
  • Has any work been done on the property? What guarantees are there on the work?
  • What direction does the garden face?
  • What council tax band is the property in.
  • What is the broadband speed like?

Questions on the house structure

  • Are there any roof tiles missing?
  • Are the chimneys straight?
  • Are the drains and guttering maintained? If it’s raining check if they are leaking.
  • Are the windows double glazed?
  • Do the window frames look secure and in good condition?
  • Do the windows open and close easily?

Questions about the inside of the house

  • Can you smell damp? Excessive candles and air fresheners are a clue there might be.
  • Do any rooms need new flooring?Tap
  • Is there enough storage in the house/garage/outbuildings?
  • Do the neighbours overlook the house or garden?
  • Does your mobile phone have coverage inside the property?
  • Is there any mould on the walls, particularly in the bathroom?
  • Are there good locks on the windows and doors?
  • Do all the taps work, and is the pressure good?

Questions for looking round flats

  • Is it leasehold or freehold? If it’s leasehold, how many years are left on the lease?
  • What access is there to the garden?
  • What services are shared?
  • What are the noise levels like from neighbouring flats?

And Finally…

  • Do you feel like you have spent enough time looking around the house, garden and surrounding area?

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