Moving Office – Our Insider Top Tips

Your Office Relocation

Moving house is widely thought of as being one of life’s biggest stresses but moving office can be just as tense. With this in mind we spoke to one of our specialist commercial surveyors, Andy Phillips, to get his top tips for your commercial relocation.

Check Accreditations – When choosing a removal company for your office move make sure they are highly reputable andinsured. Checking they are ISO accredited and are members of the BAR Commercial Moving Group is a good start.

BAR Commercial Moving Group

Read the Small Print – Make sure you fully understand exactly what resources are included (and not included) in your removals quote e.g. crates, parking, packing etc.

Services and Resources – Ensure the removal company offers a variety of services e.g. the decommissioning and recommissioning of computer equipment, specialist crate hire, storage, disposal of furniture, packing and unpacking, arranging parking suspensions with the Council etc. These are additional services which can make a huge difference when moving a large office or an entire building.

Office Moves

Lifts – If you are planning a big office move and are located on a high floor then you should seriously consider having a lift engineer on standby in case the lift breaks down. This could really save time if there are issues with the lift on move day.

Floor Plans – For larger moves we would also always suggest drawing up clear floor plans that the removal crew can follow. If the crew are conducting these moves out of office hours and the office is being completely set up for when employees come back to work they will need to know the location of each and every desk, break out space etc.

Crates – The plastic crates widely used for commercial removals are perfect for protecting your tech but they are bulky. Movers will state in the quote how many crates will be required for the move and they are usually delivered before the move is carried out. Make sure you have set aside room for these bulky plastic boxes, both at your old and new address.

If you are planning an office move then do not hesitate to give us a call and we will arrange a site visit with one of our commercial surveyors.


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