How to Make Your House Move More Eco Friendly

Environmentally friendly removals

Everyone knows that moving house can be a very stressful process but did you know packing, transporting, storing and unpacking uses precious environmental resources and energy too? There is no denying that your relocation will be creating a certain amount of C02 and on average a home move in the UK creates 16.8kg of CO2 emissions.

If you are concerned about the environmental impact your move is making then have a read through some of our ideas for a more sustainable home removal.

Defrost the freezer

When moving house you will finally need to defrost that freezer and empty every last jar in the fridge. Limit unnecessary food waste by defrosting and using up all the food items in your freezer – it might mean dusting off some old recipe books and getting inventive!

Avoid using up valuable packing space and go through your kitchen cupboards a few weeks before the move. If there are tins and jars that you don’t have room for or don’t need in your new place then drop a box of these goodies off at your local food bank.  Local charities will then distribute them to people in your local community who need it most.

Decluttering & Upcycling

Your move is not only priced on the distance you are travelling but also on the volume or cubic feet that you are moving. Before you even contact a removals company have a good look around your house and decide if there are any items you don’t want to take to your new property. Having a thorough declutter in your home and garage may well save you money on your move and in turn will cut down on the emissions and energy used to move your unwanted items.

Charities such as The British Heart Foundation and The Salvation Army will take items either to sell in their stores to benefit their charity, or donate them to shelters and hostels who are in need of furniture. Either way you are contributing to the circular economy and benefiting your local community.

Choosing your Mover

Many removal companies work hard to reduce their carbon footprint and implement sustainable projects to help offset C02. Ask your mover about their focus on fuel efficiency, if they have ULEZ compliant vehicles and if they are partnered up with organisations such as Carbon Footprint. Most reputable movers will also have a CSR policy available on their website which will outline their responsibility to the environment.

Since the pandemic virtual removal surveys have become increasingly common and if you are looking for a number of quotes it might be wise to choose companies who offer this service. This will save fuel, time and CO2 emissions.


Choosing a removal company that can offer packing services can be incredibly helpful but this usually means endless reams of bubble wrapWoodland Carbon logo and packing paper. Paper and cardboard packaging waste going to landfill has risen by 110% over the past decade so avoiding single use packaging is important. Find out if your removal company is recycling and reusing their packing materials. Furniture covers that can be re used, biodegradable bubble wrap and recyclable paper and cardboard are all things to ask about.

At Clockwork Removals we work hard to minimise our environmental impact, click here for more information on our CSR initiatives or contact your local team today.  


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