Moving House in Bad Weather


Moving in Rain, Wind and Snow

The UK has seen some horrendous weather over the last few months and with recent snow showers and extreme flooding it feels like a long time until sunny Spring is on its way. The weather should not affect your move, unless in extreme circumstances, but, as with all aspects of relocation some pre planning is advised.

Check the weather reports on the run up to your move so you are prepared for snow, rain or shine.  You will need to know whether to keep out your snow boots, unpack your cagoule or get your hands on some sun-cream!

If it has snowed, where possible, try and clear a path before the movers arrive and salt your drive – this will help save time at the beginning of move day. Reputable removal companies will have special TV, sofa, chair and mattress protectors as well as padded transit blankets to keep oversized furniture clean dry and safe. They will also supply packing boxes beforehand so you can securely pack and seal them to keep your items dry.

If it is wet movers will lay down carpet protectors to keep your floors clean from salt and mud and it is worth keeping clean dry towels to hand at your destination address to dry off bags and boxes once they are in their new home. On move day your front door will probably be open for a good few hours so you will not want your heating on, to prevent getting too cold on a freezing winter’s day keep a portable heater in one room and keep the room door closed so you have a place to thaw out.

Although moving is always stressful, planning ahead and allowing for delays will help things run more smoothly.  At Clockwork we conduct moves throughout the year and our decades of expertise help things tick along no matter what the weather is like.


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