5 Step Guide to a Smooth Office Move

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

Did you think that moving house was the most stressful day of your life? Well I’m here to tell you that moving office can be even more stressful. It requires a larger amount of resources and cooperation between staff members and removal employees. A poorly managed office relocation can cause headaches for both staff and customers. Luckily we have been helping people move like clockwork for over 25 years so we have a host of knowledge and expert staff on hand. Although relocating can be daunting the aim is to minimise disruption and ensure everything is accounted for so we have put together a guide on how to move in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

  1. Make a Plan

Ideally you would like to have several months to prepare for your office relocation – for large commercial moves we recommend a minimum of six months. By making a detailed plan with the tasks that must be completed before moving day your staff know exactly what is required of them. It’s a good idea to hang a calendar in the office so that everyone understands the timeline you are working towards. It can also be beneficial to offer your staff a form of incentive, such as vouchers, in order to motivate them to complete these additional tasks.

  1. Choose a Removal Company

After planning out all of the steps you will need to take it’s advised that you get in contact with a removal company that has adequate resources and experience in commercial moves. This ensures that your belongings are well looked after. Removal companies that are members of the BAR Commercial Moving Group tend to be highly reputable, trustworthy and insured. Clockwork Removals have been a member of the BAR for many years and are experts in packing and moving larger items such as desks, computers and even fridges.

  1. Communication is Key

It is important to keep all your employees in the loop as much as possible when moving office. It’s better to schedule the relocation out-with office hours so as to minimise disruption as much as possible. Thereafter, arrange a staff meeting to discuss what will be required of everyone, for example, you can decide as a team the best and most efficient way to pack certain things. Also, the office’s address will need to be changed on the company’s website as well as on business cards and invoices so it’s better to get these things organised well in advance. Finally, advise your staff to take all personal belongings home so nothing can be lost.

  1. Start Packing

No doubt the office will have accumulated a lot of rubbish over the years. Now is a good time to bin or recycle anything that doesn’t need to be transported to the new space. If you don’t the move can become expensive as you will require more boxes and manpower to get you into the new office. There are plenty of cheap skip hires that you can use to make this process a bit simpler. In addition to cardboard boxes, plastic crates will be delivered to your office before moving day to allow you to pack larger items such as computers and telephones. Ensure you have created enough space for these crates both at your current office as well as the new space. Finally, it’s a good idea to label and colour coordinate everything which will make it easier when you’re unpacking in the new office.

Office Moves

  1. Don’t Forget!

When doing a commercial move it is important that you communicate effectively with the building you are moving into. For example, there might be time limits where you are planning to park, you might need to hang protective covers in the elevators, or there might even be certain areas that are highly secure that you won’t be able to access. Get all the details from the building manager in order to avoid any issues on the day. It’s recommended to also have at least two office managers present during the move to ensure everything is going accordingly.

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