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Tips for Moving House in the Heat

Posted on by Clockwork.Removals

Moving House in a Heatwave?

It has been a long hard Winter but now Summer seems to be in full spring – at last!  With branches across the UK we know how hard it can be to move in the heat (and the snow for that matter!) so here are our top tips to keeping a cool head on a sweltering move day.drink

  1. Keep hydrated. Avoid dehydration and the dreaded headaches, tiredness and even heat stroke that come with it by taking in lots of fluids. Keep some pint glasses back from your packing so they are available for tap water and buy in packs of small bottled water if you can.
  2. Grab an eskie. The chances are you will have defrosted your freezer and turned off your fridge by move day. Keep a cool box on hand for bottled water, fruit and ice pops to help you and your crew cool down when temperatures start getting high.
  3. Sun cream up. Make sure you have some suncream handy on the day and it isn’t at the bottom of one of the bathroom boxes! Using a sun cream which you only have to apply once for the whole day is best so you don’t have to keep stopping to reapply.
  4. Stay in the shade. Keeping in the shade as much as possible will help keep youshade cooler, but if the sun is unavoidable wear a hat to help shade your face and neck.
  5. Keep an eye on the animals and kids. Whatever the weather it is always best to make prior arrangements for your kids and pets on move day but if they are at home, keep an eye on them in the heat. Make sure sun hats, sun cream and your pet’s water bowl are all accessible on the day.

Wherever you are moving to Clockwork Removals and Storage are on hand with full packing and export wrapping services to help your move day run like clockwork. Call us today to book a survey.

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