Where is nice to live in South London?

Where to live in South London?

Famed for its open green spaces and boasting some of the best shopping the capital has to offer, South London is a mix of individual communities full of their own unique charm. In this blog post we will explore our favourite areas in South London and look at why they are our top three places to live in the capital.


Nestled along the banks of the River Thames, Wandsworth is a borough in southwest London that effortlessly blends the vibrancy of city life with the warmth of a tight-knit community.

Despite being part of the bustling metropolis, Wandsworth boasts an abundance of green spaces. Wandsworth Common and Battersea Park offer residents a peaceful escape from the urban hustle, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities. Wandsworth is a prime location unique for riverside living along the river Thames. Stunning views, picturesque walks, and vibrant riverside pubs such as the lively The Ship or The Waterfront, make this borough an attractive choice for those who appreciate the calming presence of water in an urban setting.

The sense of community in Wandsworth is palpable. Local events, community initiatives, and friendly neighbours contribute to a welcoming environment where residents can forge connections and build lasting relationships. The borough is also renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere. Outstanding schools and a range of child-friendly activities contribute to the borough’s appeal for families seeking a safe and nurturing environment for their children.

Wandsworth is well-connected, making it easy for residents to navigate around London. With multiple train stations, bus routes, and the London Underground within reach, commuting is convenient, allowing for quick access to the city centre and other key destinations.

Wandsworth stands as a testament to the idea that city living can be harmoniously intertwined with community charm. With its riverside allure, green spaces, cultural richness, and vibrant social scene, Wandsworth beckons those seeking a well-rounded and fulfilling urban experience.


Putney boasts a strong sense of community, where local events and festivals bring residents together. The local market, independent shops, and community centres foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Families considering a move to Putney will also be pleased with the quality of education available. The area is home to reputable schools, both primary and secondary, providing a nurturing environment for children to thrive academically. These include the excellent All Saints’ Church of England Primary School and  St Mary’s Church of England Primary School as well as Hurlingham School, thought to be one of the best co-ed prep schools in London.

Putney encourages an active lifestyle with its array of recreational activities. The expansive Putney Heath is the perfect place for joggers, cyclists and dog walkers and the rowing clubs along the river are a great spot for budding oarsmen. In fact it is famous for being the starting point of the Oxford and Cambridge boatrace.

Despite its idyllic setting, Putney is well-connected to the rest of London. Excellent transport links, including the Putney railway station and various bus routes, make commuting easy. The District Line from East Putney and the overground train services ensure that you’re never too far from the heart of the city.

The housing market in Putney is diverse, catering to different preferences and budgets. The area has period properties full of character or modern apartments with river views, there are plenty of housing options to suit you.

Whether you’re drawn to its historical significance, the sense of community, or the riverside landscapes, Putney promises a lifestyle that is both fulfilling and enriching.


Famously located on the banks of the River Thames, Richmond is an ideal location for those seeking a refined yet relaxed lifestyle. With its leafy parks, cultural richness, and picturesque surroundings, Richmond offers a compelling case for anyone considering a move.

Richmond’s history is woven into its architecture and landmarks. Richmond Palace, Ham House, and the iconic Richmond Bridge are just a few of the historical gems that tell the story of this captivating area. Richmond is renowned for its abundance of greenery, with two of London’s most iconic royal parks—Richmond Park and Bushy Park—enveloping the area. Residents enjoy access to vast expanses of lush landscapes, perfect for leisurely strolls, picnics, and encounters with the resident deer population.

The heart of Richmond is its charming high street, lined with an array of independent shops, boutiques, and upscale retailers. The diverse selection of restaurants and cafes caters to a wide range of tastes; including the deliciously authentic French bistro Chez Lindsay, the unique Café-deli style of the Beirut Street Kitchen and the rustic charm of the Petersham Nurseries.

Richmond’s accessibility is a key factor in its popularity. With fast and frequent train services to central London, along with the District Line and London Overground, commuting is convenient. Additionally, proximity to major motorways and Heathrow Airport enhances Richmond’s appeal for those who value connectivity.

The real estate in Richmond is diverse, offering a mix of period homes, modern apartments, and riverside properties. The range of housing options ensures that individuals and families can find a home that suits their preferences and lifestyle.

The combination of elegance, community spirit, and natural beauty makes Richmond a unique London location for those seeking a harmonious blend of sophistication and serenity in their everyday lives.

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