The Best Areas of Sheffield for Buying your First Home

Updated on: 12/01/2023

Best Places to Live in Sheffield

Moving into your first property can be exciting. It’s the first time that you will have your very own place, that has interiors you chose, and in an area that you like. The full process of looking for a house, straight through to the day of the move, can be overwhelming and it’s difficult to know what exactly it is you want. Perhaps an apartment in a busy city or perhaps a small cottage in the middle of the countryside? Nobody knows exactly what will make you happy except you. All we can do is provide you with information to make the process somewhat easier.

Sheffield is a lovely city with so much to offer but there are lots of suburbs and surrounding areas that you need to look into if you’re looking to buy a new home here. So, is Sheffield a nice place to live? We’ve put together a guide on the best areas to buy your first home in Sheffield to hopefully make everything a lot clearer.

Best areas in Sheffield for buying you new home

St. Paul’s

St. Paul’s is located right in the centre of Sheffield making it perfect for young adults looking to buy their first property. Its central location is attractive to professionals who work in the city or indeed those who enjoy the vibrant nightlife Sheffield has to offer. This is also a good option for those who have perhaps rented a flat in the past but are now looking to get themselves on the property ladder. This area has recently undergone major redevelopment with gorgeous high-rise flats that have views of the full city.

You will be spoilt for choice in terms of restaurants, cafes and bars, or if you’re looking to do something else the Moor Market is located just next to Earl Street. The Moor Market is an indoor farmers’ market selling organic meat, fruit and vegetables with artisan food stalls so it’s a perfect way to spend your weekend if the weather isn’t great. However, if the weather improves, you can head to the Peace Gardens for a stroll or visit the Cathedral to learn more about the rich history of Sheffield. The average price of a property located in St. Paul’s is around £151,000 making it quite affordable for a first time buyer.


Crookes is located about 3 miles west of the centre of Sheffield. It’s an excellent option for young couples who are thinking about starting a family and will therefore need a property with more space. Crookes has the ambience of a small town but it is only a short 20 minute walk into the city which is great if your job is located in Sheffield town centre. This quirky yet charming area has plenty to offer such as organic stores and vintage thrift shops which will keep you occupied for hours.

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat or drink there are an abundance of restaurants, bars and classic English pubs that are perfect for Sunday lunch with family or friends. The tree-lined streets or the Botanical Gardens are great if you’re looking for somewhere to walk the dog or go for a run. The average price for a house here is around £167,000 which is pretty affordable for young couples looking to purchase a house that they can grow in.


Another excellent area for buying your first home is Walkley, located just north of Crookes. It only takes a mere 25 minutes to walk into the city and there’s plenty of bus links if it’s a colder day. The suburb has everything you could possibly need such as a grocers, butchers and bakery.

You’re situated next to Rivelin Valley and Bolehills Park which are perfect if you’re looking for a nice walking trail. At the weekend you can stop by any of the local pubs for a bite to eat and a glass of wine such as The Blake or Firwood Cottage. The value of properties here tend to be similar in price and style to those in Crookes and average at around £190,000.

Ecclesall (Whirlow)

Ecclesall is situated between Fulwood and Dore making it a quaint town in amongst the rest of the countryside. It’s a cooler, younger vibe than the other suburbs mentioned due to the fact that there are more students and young professionals living here. It’s a mix of suburban tranquility and cosmopolitan vibrancy so it’s no wonder that it is popular with young people who are ready to buy their first home.

There’s plenty of small independent stores and local bars and cafes so you will have lots of choice when eating out. However, the average house price here is a little more at £225,000 but you tend to find a good mix of modern mansions with Victorian style terraces so there’s plenty of options for all budgets.


Finally, we have Fulwood which is situated 3 miles west of the Sheffield city centre. This area definitely has the feel of a smaller village with a focus on the local community. You have plenty of countryside around you and great access to the Peak District National Park which has stunning views and is a great place to escape to when you’re looking for some peace and tranquillity.

There are lots of families living here so if you’re keen to start one of your own this is the perfect place as the schools and nurseries here have great reputations. At the weekend there are lots of pubs and bars in Ranmoor which offer live music and local brews which further add to the authenticity of this small town. The average cost of property in this area is £355,000 which is much steeper than our other areas but a good option if you’re looking to move into a home that you can build your family in for years to come.

Sheffield is a beautiful place full of stunning properties that would be perfect to move into. If you’re looking to move house within Sheffield our team of experts can help. Turn to Clockwork Removals and Storage to assist with packing and transportation, so you can ease yourself into the next chapter of your life. If you have any questions our team would be more than happy to answer them. Give us a call on 0114 275 1020 for your free quotation or to speak with a member of our Sheffield team.

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