The World’s Best Places to Live

 Moving Abroad This Winter

Across the UK we are all feeling the onset of the dark nights and colder temperatures, winter is well on its way.  This got our International Team thinking, if we could live anywhere right now, where would it be?  Below is a list of our top six places to live right now, let us know what you think and if you agree!


Melbourne, Australia

For the fourth year running Melbourne has once again been voted the world’s most “liveable” city by  the Economist Intelligence Unit. Australia’s second largest city is famed for its multiculturalism, vibrant arts scene and world famous restaurants. The city is noted as the birthplace of Aussie Rules Football, the Australian film and television industry and Australian Impressionist Art. It has some of the best infrastructure on earth with the world’s largest tram network and has an enviable healthcare system. Melbourne has an extremely changeable weather system and is famed for having “four seasons in one day”, so apart from the prospect of rain Melbourne really is the best place to live on earth! Interested? Plan ahead with our Australia Moving checklist.


Vienna, Austria

Austria’s historic capital comes in at number two as the best place to live in the world and with so many international organisations such as the UN and OPEC basing themselves there, Vienna must be good! Austria’s capital was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001 and is full of fantastic fairytale-esque baroque architecture and deliciously magical Viennese cafes. Vienna  also has a rich musical legacy, dubbed the “City of Music”, classical musicians such as Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven all worked there. This cultural heritage is still prominent today as Vienna was also recently ranked 5th globally for cultural innovation.


Auckland, New Zealand


Auckland is the most inhabited city in New Zealand and is consistently ranked as one of the world’s best cities due to its climate, infrastructure and cleanliness; in fact it is one of the top 25 cleanest cities in the world! Auckland is also one of New Zealand’s fastest growing cities and is its financial and economic hub, but this big city is set in a unique natural environment.  Auckland is the only city on earth built on an active basaltic volcano and the area around encompasses 53 volcanoes known as the Auckland volcanic field. The beautiful landscape around the city allows for some great adventures and the population of Auckland enjoy weekends sailing, surfing and walking. If you’re looking for Auckland things to do, there is plenty to choose from. Interested? Plan ahead with our New Zealand Moving Checklist.


Helsinki, Finland


Helsinki was voted World Design Capital for 2012, was named one of Europe’s hottest “start-up capitals” in 2013 and Monocle Magazine ranked it as the world’s most liveable city in 2011, so it certainly has some good credentials! Discover Helsinki’s cold, icy beauty, coastal splendour and archipelago of islands and embrace winter in Finland. Helsinki has a lot to offer in both the urban centre and the surrounding areas, you can head to some of the cities fantastic museums, galleries and theatres as well as discovering Finland’s great outdoors and trying your hand at cross country skiing, ice skating and sledging.


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