Dundee Technology Park: Specialist Equipment Relocation

Our Perth team have been working with a large multi division company head quartered in Aberdeen for a few years now, providing a variety of commercial solutions from office moves to storage.  However, in May this year we were asked by one of their subsidiaries, to move a Fume cupboard from the School of Life Sciences, Dundee University, four miles to the Technology Park in Dundee.  This vital piece of laboratory equipment is designed to capture and remove air-borne hazardous substances generated during laboratory experiments, it protects not only the user from inhaling toxic gases during an experiment, but it safe guards the experiment itself and the environment.  However, it is a very large piece of equipment enclosing five sides of a work area approximately 7ft by 7ft, the bottom of which is located at standing work height and the top which has a fan, this makes it incredibly cumbersome and top heavy when moved.

Due to the timing of the move being during the global pandemic and the very nature of the move involving two laboratories, the crew were required to wear PPE and observe the strictest guidelines for our client.  Moving an item like this requires specialist handling skills and a vehicle which is specially designed with a low loading feature to move bulky and oversized items.  With over three decades of experience of removals in time sensitive and challenging environments, such as laboratories, we know that planning is key to minimise any lifting, carrying and handling time.  As the move was a short relocation, it meant that the crew could remove, wrap and unload the item all in the same day and with minimal disruption and downtime to the laboratories and the scientists pioneering work.

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