Answers to the most commonly asked removal questions.

As moving season gets under way we had a chat with our teams across the country and answered some of our most common customer questions.

Q. What do removal companies load first?

A. Solid based items are usually loaded into the back of the vehicle first. Things like washing machines, fridges, freezers and bulky furniture. Lighter items can then be loaded on top. Care is taken to load items to allow for an equal weight distribution throughout the vehicle.

Q. Do movers want you to empty drawers?

A. It really depends what is in them. If you have drawers full of books and other heavy items then yes they should be packed in smaller book boxes. If it is a standard bedroom chest of drawers containing clothes then you do not need to empty them. You can leave clothes in the drawers and the movers will take out each drawer and move them individually with the clothes inside. They will replace each drawer at your new home.

Q. Do movers prefer boxes or bags?

A. If you are packing your home contents then we are happy to move bags and boxes. What we do ask is that your items are packed safely and securely. Heavy items such as books and kitchenware should be packed in smaller boxes so they do not become too heavy.

Q. How do movers pack clothes?

A. Wardrobe cartons are clever little portable wardrobes. We use these to easily transport clothes from your wardrobes and then pop them back into your wardrobe in situ at your new home. Clothes can be left in drawers, and these are lifted straight out, transported, and then replaced back at their final destination. That said, our packers can use suitcases and bags as well as boxes to pack clothes and linen.

Q. What will movers not pack?

A. All reputable removals companies will always ask you to take jewellery, cash and small high value items such as electronics with you when you move home. This is to protect our staff as well as your belongings. It is written in our removals documentation and is a rule set out by the British Association of Removers (BAR).

Q. Do removal companies pack everything?

A. Yes, almost everything. We pack anything from your American fridge to your lawnmower and everything in between. As mentioned above we ask that home owners take any cash, jewellery and small high value electrical devices with them. This is a rule set out by the BAR and one any reputable removal company will strongly adhere to.

Q. What to do with food when moving?

A. We do ask that you run down the contents of your fridge and freezer on the run up to move day. Our packers will do their final pack on the morning of the move. This will include packing your fridge and freezer contents which we can pack in freezer bags to keep them fresh during transit.

Q. How much do you tip removal guys?

A. This really depends on how you found our service delivery. Our teams don’t expect it but they really appreciate it.

Q. Do removal companies unplumb washing machines?

A. Our team do not unplumb machines themselves but we work closely with third party contractors who we use for plumbing and electrical services both at the pick up and delivery addresses.

Q. What should I do the night before my movers?

A. First and foremost, try and relax and get a good night’s sleep. We understand how stressful moving is. You won’t believe how quick and efficient our crews are at getting you moved on time with very little stress. Just take a look at some of our Trustpilot reviews!

Q. Should you watch movers?

A. You can if you want but it is safest to leave them to tackle their work. If you are using a reputable remover you can rest assured you are in very experienced hands.

Q. Do you pay movers before or after?

A. Reputable removal companies will require you to pay for the full removal beforehand. Additionally, all BAR members are covered under the BAR Advanced Payment Guarantee Scheme.

Q. How far in advance should I book movers?

A. Ideally you should look to contact removal companies for quotes 4-6 weeks in advance of your move. It is particularly important to give as much notice as possible if you are planning a move over the summer as this is always the busiest time for house moves. That said, if you are moving in a hurry most movers will try and squeeze you in!

Q. What do you feed your movers?

A. All our movers will bring their own food and drink on the day but they will always be grateful for a cup of tea and some biscuits throughout the day.

Q. What is the average cost of removals UK?

A. How long is a piece of string? The cost of your home move depends on so many different variables. These can include the size of your home, the distance you are moving, the access of your property and the additional services you require (packing etc).

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