Tips for Moving House with a Teenager

Tips for Moving House with a Teenager

Moving is one of the most stressful things an adult can go through but for kids it can be just as bad. Young kids can often be affected by a move as their routine is completely shattered but teenagers shouldn’t be overlooked. They’re not kids anymore but not yet adults; they’re stuck in a vulnerable space trying to figure out who they are. Adding the stress and anxiety of a move on top of this can be extremely challenging for these teens and their mental state.  Here are some tips on how to cope with a teenager when moving home.


  1. Ask For Their Input

It’s important to involve them in the full moving process so as to avoid any feelings of discontent. We would advise asking for their input from start to finish. That means asking for their opinions when looking at listings online and also listening to what they would like in their new home. They could be wanting a house with a huge garden or near to a retail park with shops and a cinema. Ultimately, the final decision is yours but it’s key to involve them in the decision process to make them feel included.

  1. Attend Plenty Of Property Viewings

Try to focus on the positives of moving. One way of doing this is by getting your teen to attend as many house viewings with you as possible. That might require you to go back to a house several times in order for them to become more interested in it. Show them what room they will have and try to talk to them about how they would like to decorate it. By showing them that they are an integral part of the decision-making process it will increase their levels of positivity.

  1. Keep Them Busy

When it comes to moving day it’s essential that you keep your teen busy. If they’re not at school the move can appear as somewhat disruptive to their routine so try your best to occupy them as much as possible. Give them tasks to do such as unpacking boxes or cleaning surfaces or even organising their new room first. This is a great way to keep them motivated and positive about the future. Unpacking their belongings first makes them more of a priority and they’ll feel more settled being among their things.


  1. Make Memories

The first night in the new home can be a particularly unsettling time. The place doesn’t feel or even smell like ‘home’. A good way of combating this is to entertain your teens with a movie night or a slumber party to make the move appear more fun. This is a great way of creating long lasting memories with your children as well as creating positive associations with the move. Remember to take lots of photos – this is all part of the moving process so be sure to document everything.

  1. Listen To Your Teen

Once settled in the new home we would recommend keeping your eyes and ears peeled for any signs of upset from your child. This could be shown by them being particularly quiet, crying, shutting themselves in their rooms, or even being particularly loud. Your child might be feeling low and missing their old home so it’s essential to ensure them that this move was done with their best interest at heart. By creating an open dialogue with them they will feel more inclined to open up about their feelings.

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