Summer Storage for Students

Looking for storage this summer? Clockwork have the student storage solution for you!


The countdown is on…Student storage for summer.

As exam season draws to a close and excitement for the summer break starts to build,

marking the end of another year at university, for many, the question of “where am I going

to live next year?” has already been answered. For others, yet to make arrangements, the

clock is silently ticking in the background as the best student halls, apartments and houses

get snapped up by savvy students getting ahead of the game for the next academic year.


If you’re an international student heading back to your home country for the summer, the

hassle of packing up everything you’ve accumulated over the year to send home, only to

bring it back again, seems more trouble than it’s worth. It makes a lot more sense to keep

it in one place, close to your university for when you return.


Even students permanently resident in the UK experience the end of year struggle of

packing everything up to take home, with public transport becoming increasingly less

user-friendly, with reduced rack sizes in favour of additional seating, smaller aisles and

more sizeable gaps between the ground and the first step of the train or bus.


With this in mind, student storage solutions have never been more relevant than they are

right now for both UK and international students.


Clockwork have the solution for you…

Whether it’s a cardboard cut-out of Captain America or a bright orange cone which

materialised after a memorable night that you can’t quite bring yourself to get rid of just

yet, we’ve got a storage solution for you (and your hefty textbooks too).


So whether you’ve found your student digs for next year or are still on the hunt, take

advantage of Clockwork’s student storage facilities over the summer break to keep your

possessions safe and secure, giving you the freedom to travel light & explore with peace of



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