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Are You Moving to Hong Kong?Moving to Hong Kong

Thinking of moving to Hong Kong? This small island is one of the world’s most densely populated urban areas and is a global centre for trade. Hong Kong is the ultimate juxtaposition with skyscrapers sitting alongside temples and bustling businesses among the backdrop of beautiful peaks but with 5000 years of rich Chinese history and 150 years of British influence this is no surprise!

Here are some fast facts if you are planning on moving to Hong Kong.

Capital: Victoria (until 1997).

Language: Cantonese and English.

Population:7.188 million.

Leader: Leung Chun-ying is the Chief Executive of Hong Kong and the head and representative of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Government of Hong Kong.

Average Temperature Winter: 16°C

Average Temperature Summer: 29°C

Currency: Hong Kong Dollar.

Flight time from the UK: 11 hours 35 mins.

National Holiday: National Day, 1st October.

National Dish: Dim Sum, these delicious morsels can contain meat, seafood, vegetables, as well as fruit for a sweet treat.

National Sport/s: Horse racing is by far the most popular sport in Hong Kong with Happy Valley Racecourse being one of the most prominent tourist attractions.

Famous For: Its Skyline, Hong Kong has at least 7,792 high-rise buildings with approximately 1,268 skyscrapers taller than 100 m.

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