Halloween Houses

Haunted PropertiesHalloween Houses

According to the Demonic Britain Report Yorkshire is the most haunted county in Britain (our Sheffield, Leeds and York branches better watch out!). With that in mind and to celebrate Halloween, we thought we would take a look at some of the most haunted properties in the UK!

50 Berkley Square – Said to be the most haunted house in London, this townhouse was originally owned by the British Prime Minister George Canning and has a very chequered past. The attic room is thought to be haunted by two ghosts who have since sent a number of its occupants mad and killed off a few visitors’ including maids, noblemen and sailors!

Blickling Hall, Norfolk – This beautiful Jacobean mansion sits within a 4000 acre estate. The original Blickling Hall was the birthplace of Henry VIII’s most famous wife; Anne Boleyn  but the current property was rebuilt on its ruins in 1616. Anne is said to haunt the house, dressed all in white, carrying her severed head, arriving by coach, driven by a headless horseman and four headless horses.  If that wasn’t enough Anne’s father Thomas is also said to roam the halls of this grand building, also with his head in hand!

Ham House, Surrey – This beautiful 17th century house sits on the River Thames in Richmond and was once home to the Duchess of Lauderdale.  As one of the most haunted houses in the UK Ham House certainly has its fair share of ghosts with as many as 15 phantoms under the one roof. Visitors have noted cold spots, footsteps and the sudden smell of roses as well as a gloomy young man and even some spooky canine ghosts.

Raynham Hall, Norfolk – The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall is probably one of the most well known ghosts in the UK, having been captured on camera in 1936 by a photographer with Country Life magazine. The Brown Lady is thought to have been Lady Dorothy Walpole, the sister of Britain’s first Prime Minister and the wife of Charles Townshend who owned the house. Legend has it that Dorothy was thought to be having an affair and to punish her her husband locked her in her room until her death in 1726.

Lyme Park, Cheshire – As one of the National Trust’s top 10 most haunted properties’ this place certainly has the spook factor. Lyme Park is haunted by an entire funeral procession with a woman in white weeping at the back. The funeral is said to be that of Sir Piers Legh who lived in the house and was killed at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415. The weeping woman is thought to be Blanche, his mistress, who was not allowed to go to the funeral and is said to have died of grief some weeks later.

Leith Hall, Aberdeenshire – Thought to be one of Scotland’s most haunted castles Leith Hall is home to numerous ghosts. During World War I the castle became a temporary hospital for injured soldiers and some of the ghosts inhabiting the property are recorded to be wearing military uniform and carrying bloodied bandages. Other ghostly happenings include; heavy footsteps, the sound of a lady laughing, sightings of children playing in bedrooms, sudden changes in temperature and feeling touched when nobody is there!

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