What are the Benefits of Bench Desking?

The Open Plan Office

Bench DeskingNowadays old fashioned offices with maze-like corridors and pokey rooms are shunned in favour of bright light open plan spaces. With this, we have found our choice of office furniture, and more importantly, the way we work is changing.


Bench Desking

Bench desking is a new trend taking over offices throughout the UK. Bench desking, simply put, is when employees sit together at a bench shaped desk.  These recession proof desks are much more affordable than the bulky ‘ergonomic’ desks of the nineties and promote a better use of space. This method of working vastly improves communications, not only within teams but across teams too. CEO’s and departmental heads can sit amongst the workforce, becoming easily accessible and not have to depend on their management structure for employee feedback. 


Modern Technology

Modern technology, flexible working hours and a more mobile workforce are just three reasons why bench desking has really taken off. Slick laptops, paper thin tablets and micro mobiles have replaced bulky monitors and PC’s so your workforce need less room to work. Paperless offices are also helping companies to utilise space as we say goodbye to filing cabinets, fax machines and endless shelves of folders. 

We all know space is a luxury, especially in the city and anyone who has had to hire an office space knows how expensive commercial buildings are. Businesses know they need to get savvier and use this precious space efficiently. More offices are now archiving their old paperwork in safe storage unit’s freeing up space in offices for a growing workforce and keeping the files that must be kept, due to data protection laws, safe and secure.


Other Office Trends

As well as bench desking, more and more companies are promoting ‘hot desking’ where employees do not have specified desks, they just sit where they fancy. With the use of laptops and cloud technology, businesses find this method easy and yet again it promotes much-needed communication throughout teams and departments.

A “Jelly” is a US inspired pop-up hub where part-time and home-office workers can work alongside one another sharing ideas and desk space.  The number of pop-up offices has trebled since 2011, and although the mobile workforce is on the rise, these individuals still want a community with the hustle and bustle of any other office space.  The first UK based Jelly is close to Euston Station.


If you like the idea of bench desking but don’t know how to get rid of your bulky old desks, then get in touch. Our reuse and recycle services allow you to forget about the hassle of removing bulky furniture and concentrate on your workforce efficiency.


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