Moving Home in the Snow

An Overview

This week we have had a lot of snow fall throughout England and in parts of Scotland. Although it can make for some very picturesque scenery it can also cause a lot of problems on the roads. We have put together a guide for surviving the snow whilst moving home. Although Clockwork will aim to make your move run as smoothly as possible there are measures which you can take to improve the process of moving house in these adverse conditions.

Top Tip 1

Start off by ensuring your utilities are in working order at the new property. You can arrange this a few weeks before you move so that you know the heating and the lights will be working on the day of the move.

Top Tip 2

Our next tip is to clear the paths of any snow on the morning of the move. If it’s been snowing heavily make sure the paths are cleared and use salt to keep the ice at bay. Keep on top of this throughout the day if possible as it means the removal men can transport your belongings to the van without falling and potentially hurting themselves.

Top Tip 3

Next on the list we advise you to use carpet covers in both properties. The removal men will bring protective coverings for your home but when it’s snowing it can be extra wet and mud can easily transfer off shoes. So as to avoid any last minute carpet disasters we would recommend laying some protective covering over any light carpets or valuable furniture to keep everything nice and clean.

Top Tip 4

We also recommend to pack your kettle away last. It’s a good idea to offer hot drinks to the removal men throughout the day so as to keep everyone toasty and motivated.  Keep a box or bag filled with your essentials to the side and transport this to the new house in your own car. Pack mugs, tea bags, milk, fairy liquid, sponges, dust cloth, a cosy throw and if you have any kids keep a small toy of theirs in this box too so as to ensure everyone can settle into the new home as quickly as possible.

Top Tip 5

It’s a good idea to get some professional help when moving home during the winter months. Getting a reputable removals company like Clockwork to conduct your move can make all the difference. We will handle every last detail for you which allows you time to focus on the big day. To receive your complementary quotation give us a call today on 0800 195 8671.

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