How to: Move Home in Autumn

An Overview

The majority of home moves take place over the summer months but that doesn’t mean if you find your perfect home in the autumn that you shouldn’t move. Moving can be daunting in any season but particularly in the chillier months when weather can be unpredictable, the house feels cold and there is all of a sudden a mountain of leaves in your garden. But fear not, moving in the autumn can be the perfect time as it means you’re settled in the new property just in time for Christmas. Luckily, we have put together a guide on things to consider when moving home in the autumn as well as expert tips and tricks to avoid stress.

  1. Garden Transformation

Putting your home up for sale in autumn can be challenging as it somehow doesn’t look as good as it did in the summer when the flowers were blooming and the birds were chirping. The outside of the property is the first thing a potential buyer sets their eyes on so it’s important to keep on top of your outdoor space even in the colder months. Start by rounding up all members of the family, even the kids, and clearing away all the leaves in the front garden. This will make the property appear tidier from the outset and creative a positive firs impression in the eyes of the buyer. Also, clear away any leaves or debris in the gutters to ensure the pipes run smoothly and nothing can break at a time when you really need your hot water to flow. Finally, invest in some pretty plant pots, for example Monkshood Arendsii is a beautiful blue coloured flower that is able to grow in cold conditions whilst making your patio pop.

  1. Autumnal Décor

There are plenty of ways to transform your home from dark and cold to warm and inviting. We recommend buying some new cushions to transform your living area; colours such as burgundy, orange and gold can give your home a cosy feeling. Also, buy some autumnal scented candles such as Gingerbread or Vanilla which will carry a delicious scent throughout the full home. We recommend also investing in some heavy-duty curtains that will keep the cold out and add to your cosy living space. Although these are just small changes they can really help to transform your space and make it a place potential buyers could see themselves living in.

  1. Experienced Removals Company

Our next top tip for moving home in autumn is to use a trusted and experienced removals company. At Clockwork Removals we have been helping people move in sun, rain or snow for more than 25 years. We are committed to ensuring all moves take place no matter the weather. Our BAR accreditation ensures your move is carried out in the safest and most efficient way possible with our expertly trained staff. You can be sure to receive exceptional service whenever you call upon our assistance, whether you are moving house, undertaking a house clearance or moving overseas.

  1. Heating and Lighting

Once the house has been sold and the removals company has been contacted it’s important to ensure your new property has fully functioning lighting and heating facilities. In autumn it can be much colder which causes pipes to swell and burst or boilers to break down so it’s important to get your utilities in order. If you’re moving into a property that has been recently lived in it’s a good idea to contact the previous owner to ask what providers they used. Simply changing the account over to your name means you don’t have to wait for various people to get the lighting and heating sorted. We also advise you to turn the heating on a day prior to moving in to ensure it is still running properly and to heat up each room in advance.

  1. Autumn Clean

Our final recommendation for moving into a new home in the autumn is to do a spring clean – or more like an autumn clean. When you move into the new house it’s a good idea to get the carpets professionally cleaned if you’re not thinking of replacing them, this will ensure any trapped dirt, dust and germs can be dealt with before your little ones run about. It’s also a good idea to clean inside everything. Although it is common curtesy to clean the house for the new owner they might have missed some spots and it will just make you feel more at home if you’ve given it a deep clean yourself. The autumn months are when most people tend to stay in after work and go out less at the weekends so it’s important that your home feels like a clean and cosy sanctuary.

If you’re looking to move home this autumn we can assist you. We have 25 years’ experience in domestic and international moves and we have a range of storage and packing services to suit all needs. Moving in autumn can be very exciting as you’ll be fully moved in and settled just in time for the festive period. To receive your free quotation give us a call on 0800 195 8671 or click here.

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