Selling Tips: How to make your Home Stand out from the Crowd

Trying to sell your home can be extremely difficult. There are a host of websites that you can use to showcase your property, from Rightmove to Zoopla, it can get draining scrolling through hundreds of pages of similar looking houses. It’s essential that you make your house pop so as to entice people to come and view it. Here are ten top tips that will make your home stand out from other listings and will ensure all potential buyers will want to make an offer.

A bouquet of tulips on a white table. In the background, the interior of a white kitchen in the Scandinavian style.

  1. Spic and Span

The first step to ensure your home sells is by ensuring that the full house, top to bottom, is clean. That means dusting every surface, hoovering under furniture, even cleaning inside cupboards and your fridge. The last thing you want is for a potential buyer to open a cupboard and find something they wish they hadn’t. The full point of having viewings is to showcase your space and everything it has to offer so by ensuring everything is ultra clean will allow the buyers to visualise themselves living in the property.

  1. Ask a Friend

The next step is to ask an honest friend for their opinion on your home. You might have a beloved painting that means something to you but is actually an eyesore, so it’s important to ask your friend what they think you should throw out. It could just be that you need more colour or less clutter – by packing up some of your things or buying some cushions it can really transform the space. If your friend is a true friend they’ll want to help you in your quest to sell your home.

  1. Promote your Home

This is a relatively new way of getting more viewings but it’s definitely effective. Show off your home on social media, particularly on Facebook and Instagram. Often estate agents create physical brochures for selling your property but these days they also have an online version of this that can be sent out to potential buyers. By positing this on your social media channels it creates publicity for your home. Your friends and family will know of other people who are looking to move and a quick look at a digital brochure that shows off your property in the best way possible could be the difference between selling and not selling.

  1. Start Packing

Our fourth top tip for making your home stand out to potential buyers is by ensuring that 80% of your clutter is packed away. That’s right, start packing a week in advance of putting your house on the market. By packing stuff away it makes your home look tidier and bigger and therefore it is more sellable. There are also plenty of buyers who will want to peer in cupboards and wardrobes so by tidying these spaces it gives them the sense that there is plenty of storage space in your property.

  1. Buy Flowers

This tip is really simple, but it is to buy flowers! By adding a brightly coloured and natural element into your home it creates a tranquil ambience and makes your space appear fresher. If a buyer can specifically remember a gorgeous, clean kitchen with fresh pink peonies it will create positive connotations when they think of your property.

  1. Natural Light

Tip number six is to ensure that you hold as many viewings as possible during the day. Natural light can make a space appear larger and brighter and therefore is more appealing to the buyer. If you were to hold viewings after dark it can be hard for the buyer to see the building’s exterior and garden and therefore it can be more difficult for them to visualise themselves living in the property.

  1. Eyesores

Another tip is to ensure that you have fixed any major eye sores. If there are any holes in walls, evidence of damp, or broken door handles make sure to fix them all as any of these minor issues could be a reason for someone not wanting to make an offer. Spending £100 in B&Q could be the difference between receiving offers and getting no offers at all.

  1. Highlight

The eighth tip is to highlight your property’s best features. This could be a large outdoor space that is perfect for entertaining or even a master ensuite with a gorgeous free-standing bath tub. Whatever it may be, make sure you stage your home in a way that shows off its best attributes. For example, you could add a nice outdoor table and chairs, as well as getting your BBQ out the garage and hanging some fairy lights to show off just how attractive the space can be.

  1. Purge

This tip is so important – purge, purge, purge. With large families it can be difficult to keep on top of clutter as the kids regularly get new toys, clothes and even shoes. This along with all your own belongings can be enough to overwhelm anyone. Start this process in plenty of advance by having your children help you sort their things into three piles – keep, donate, bin/recycle. This gets your child used to the idea of moving and starting their new beginnings but it also makes your home neat and tidy in preparation for viewings.

  1. Water your garden

Although it’s important to keep the inside of your house looking clean, it’s just as important to make sure the outside of your property is looking neat and tidy. Try to keep on top of regularly cutting the grass, trimming the borders and watering your plants to create a bit of curb appeal. An attractive looking exterior creates a positive first impression for potential buyers and they’re more likely to enter the home with an open-mind.

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