How to make your Home Eco-Friendly

An Overview

With the climate change protests that took place all over the world this past week it’s no wonder that this spurred a discussion about how we can help our planet. Each and every one of us can be doing more to protect this world we live in, from switching off lights to recycling plastic bottles. There are plenty of changes to be made, so we have put together a list of ways that will improve not only your carbon footprint but also your gas and electric bills.

Change your Light Bulbs

The first step is to swap out all of your light bulbs for energy efficient ones. Although these lights can take a bit of time to reach their full brightness they do tend to last longer than your regular light bulb which will in turn save you money. You can buy them from as little as £2.99 per bulb so it’s actually one of the cheapest and most effective ways to transform your home into an eco-friendly haven.

Get a Smart Metre

Step two is to get a smart metre which measures both your gas and electric usage. This is a great way of becoming more eco-efficient as it breaks down exactly what your using and how much that will cost you each month. That way you have a better understanding of what your bills are likely to be and plan when you’re most likely to be needing the gas and electric. For example, you can have your lights and heating turn on half an hour before you’re due to get home each night and have them turn off each day when you leave for work.

Buy Natural Cleaning Products

Using cleaning products that are filled with chemicals and toxins is extremely bad for our planet. If you think about it, every time you rinse them away they are going straight down our pipes and back into the ocean which is filled with rare sea life. There are lots of natural products to help you clean, for example, the next time you’re washing the floors use a mixture of water and white distilled vinegar as it helps to remove dirt and grime and leaves you with squeaky clean surfaces. Also, there are plenty of all natural cleaning products that you can purchase in all good supermarkets. Method have a range of cleaning products made from all natural ingredients including corn and coconut which not only smell amazing but are also perfect for cleaning all areas of your home.

Install Solar Panels

To make your home more eco-efficient solar panels are always a good idea. By installing solar panels you are not only helping the planet but you’re also boosting the value of your home. It’s true that they are not cheap to install as they usually start at around £6,000 but the money you will save on bills over the coming years will be astronomical. So if you’re looking for a long term investment rather than a short term fix solar panels are an excellent choice when transforming your house into an eco-friendly home.


Our final top tip is to invest in some high quality insulation as it holds in heat which means your home will burn less energy. We would first recommend insulating your walls and the roof, as well as investing in double glazed windows which most modern properties have these days. Finally, if you have any wooden floors it’s a good idea to purchase some rugs as this also retains the heat and it’s an easy way to style your home. Win-win!

At Clockwork Removals we have specific goals and policies to ensure that we minimize our environmental impact wherever possible. This can include recycling, sourcing high quality recycled packing materials, as well as partnering with eco-friendly organisations for our recycling and disposal services. To further minimise our environmental impact we work alongside Carbon Footprint, taking part in their UK tree planting initiative in which we plant a tree for every container we ship throughout the world. If you’re looking to move home with an environmentally conscious removals team give us a call today for your free quotation on 0800 195 8671.

How to make your Home Eco-Friendly


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