How to De-Clutter your Home in the New Year

An Overview

It’s officially 2020 and I’m pretty sure you’re ready to transform your space into an inviting, clutter-free and relaxing home. We are here to give you all the tips and tricks for de-cluttering your home after the hectic festive period. It’s time to wave goodbye to 2019 and hello to a new year filled with plenty of possibilities.

Kitchen Clutter

The first step to a clean and spacious home is to tackle the clutter found in the kitchen. The festive period, for most, revolves around food and drink so it’s no wonder your cupboards are a bit fuller than they usually are. There should be 2 piles: throw away or donate. Put everything into the throw away pile that is out of date or has been sitting there for months and you know you’re not going to use it. Remember it is important to then decant the contents of each item into the food bin and you can usually recycle the rest. Then, you can donate any other items to the local food bank that you know you won’t use such as old pasta, soup, tinned fruit etc. After the pantry has been tackled it’s time to clean out your entire fridge from top to bottom. That’s right, throw away anything that is past its best and disinfect each shelf and drawer to ensure you have a squeaky clean fridge for the New Year. If you have bottles of booze lying around check the dates on them and store ones you won’t use in the foreseeable future in the garage to keep them cold but out of sight.

Wardrobe Clutter

The next step is to tackle your wardrobe. For this you need to implement the ‘One Year Rule’ which means that anything you haven’t worn for the past twelve months needs to go. Start by sorting the clothes into two piles: keep or donate. Then you can focus on what’s left in your wardrobe and it’ll allow you to see what you have more clearly. If you want to make it really visually pleasing colour coordinate your items or arrange them in categories so for example jackets will be first, then jumpers, tops, trousers, skirts and finally dresses. This will allow you to clearly see what clothes you do have and it’ll make it easier to create new outfits.

Smart Storage

Our next tip for de-cluttering your home for 2020 is to invest in smart storage. For example, in the kids’ room you can use clear containers to tidy their belongings into. Group things into categories such as stationary, small toys, books, DVDs and rearrange each of these items into clear containers so that you can see everything in the box quickly without having to rummage through each of them. It’s also a good idea to label them so that everything can be easily organised if things become a bit untidy. We recommend going through and editing your wardrobe and the kids’ clutter every 3 months to ensure you keep on top of things throughout the coming year.

If you’re planning on moving home in the New Year it’s important that you keep on top of your clutter so that you don’t transport unwanted goods into your new space. Follow these tips and you will have a sparkling home all year round. If you need help moving your belongings into a new property we can assist you. Clockwork Removals have been helping people move for more than 25 years and our expertly trained staff have the skills and experience necessary for things to run smoothly. Give us a call on 0800 195 8671 to receive your free quotation.

De-clutter house in new year


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