20 Amazing House-Warming Gifts

An Overview

From your little sister moving into her university halls, to your friend purchasing their first home, no matter who it is we have got you covered. Moving home can be an extremely stressful yet rewarding time so it’s no wonder that you want to spoil your friends and family when they take that first leap on to the property ladder. A simple ‘Congratulations’ card will suffice but if you’re wanting to go that extra mile take a look at our list of the best house-warming gift ideas with direct links to each.

  1. A Throw

A cosy and luxurious throw is the perfect gift to make anyone feel warm and fuzzy in their new home. If you are unsure of what the colour scheme will be, pick a neutral colour such as grey or beige to be on the safe side.

  1. Cushions

An accent cushion can really transform a space so purchase something classic but vibrant. If you’re looking to spend a little extra try buy a few in different colours that will harmonise well together such as navy, teal, turquoise etc.

  1. Mugs

For a smaller gift get a nice set of mugs which you can usually purchase pretty cheap from any supermarket. Or you can get personalised mugs which are also really classic but thoughtful.

  1. Champagne and Flutes

Take the regular gift of ‘Bubbly’ and amp it up a bit with some delicious champagne accompanied by some glass flutes. This gift is not only celebratory but it’s also something that will be used for years to come.

  1. Food Hamper

Another great idea for a house-warming gift is to create your own hamper filled with delicious foods such as cheese, meat, crackers, chocolates and an alcoholic beverage of your choice. This is perfect for those who have just moved in and still have an empty fridge.

  1. A Plant

A plant is also a lovely gift to give as it adds a bit of greenery and creates a calming sense in a stressful new home, for example an orchid is really beautiful and pretty inexpensive. Also, if they take care of the plant well it can be something they keep for a long time.

  1. Artwork

A vibrant painting or a more modern framed picture are also great gift ideas. Pick something pretty simple so as to tie in with the rest of the house’s interiors such as a coastal scene, abstract shapes or even a motivational quote. Desenio have a wide range of cool prints that come already framed at really affordable prices.

  1. Robes

A cosy robe is always a good idea as it will be used time and time again. Plus, there are plenty on the high street, from Primark to The White Company, depending on your budget.

  1. Vase and Flowers

Another gift idea is some good old fashioned flowers but why not make it even better by gifting them a stylish new vase. Their belongings will no doubt still be packed away so this overcomes that issue whilst giving them something really thoughtful.

  1. Candles

Candles are always great gifts as they make your home so much more inviting and keep your place smelling great. Jo Malone have some beautiful options, such as Pomegranate Noir, if you’re wanting to spend a little extra and gift something truly special.

  1. Fancy Soap

Hand wash is always a necessity but rarely will people spend extra money on this. That said, it can be really nice to give someone some fancy soap to have in their main bathroom. Molton Brown have some lovely options and their packaging is really pretty making it the perfect gift.

  1. French Press

For all the coffee connoisseurs out there this is literally a dream present – a French press. The life-long gift of good quality coffee will really be appreciated by those who love nothing more. These can be purchased from all good department stores such as John Lewis.

  1. Cheeseboard

A cheeseboard is always a good idea. Everyone loves cheese and with Christmas coming up its nearly official ‘Cheeseboard Season.’ Something wooden will always look modern and classy but for something even more sophisticated opt for a marble effect board with a built in slicer. Thank us later.

  1. Speakers

For all the music lovers out there a speaker can be an excellent gift idea. Every time they blare their favourite playlist throughout the full house they will think of you. For something high-tech and long-lasting opt for a Sonos speaker which can be controlled by your iPad or phone.

  1. Laundry Basket

The next gift is slightly less exciting but definitely much needed. A laundry basket is a great idea as it will be used time and time again, whether it’s for dirty washing or even for storing throws and cushions. You can purchase brightly coloured ones that will add an extra pop to your bedroom.

  1. Movie Night Hamper

A homemade movie night hamper is another great choice as you can make it pretty cheaply but it looks really thoughtful. Take an empty basket and add in some DVDs, popcorn, sweets and some fluffy socks.

  1. Towels

Towels can never go wrong. Buy a full set if you’re wanting to gift something quite substantial. This should consist of a face cloth, hand towel, bath towel and a bath sheet. These usually come in a variety of colours so you can pick something that will suit the recipient well.

  1. A Doormat

A doormat doesn’t have to be boring. There are plenty of options out there, some of which are bright and colourful, and others which are more simple and sophisticated. It will be used every single day and can create a positive first impression for new home visitors.

  1. A Mirror

A mirror is also another really nice idea as they can be found at all different prices but they can really add to the interiors of the home. For something simple yet effective take a look at Made.com.

  1. Gift Voucher

Finally, if all else fails and you’re still stuck for ideas just purchase a gift voucher for somewhere that sells a range of home furnishings, interiors and electrical appliances. That way they can choose something that they genuinely like, for example John Lewis, Next and Debenhams are all good options

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