Need to declutter? Get some storage!

Putting your house on the market? 

As we head into the warmer months the property market is continuing to see an extremely high demand and Rightmove have recorded one of their strongest starts to the Spring season.

If you are thinking of putting your house on the market the thought of getting your home (where you have been living, working and schooling non stop for over a year) ready for viewings and professional photographs may well fill you with dread! But whether you are moving house to escape the city or for a growing family, the team at Clockwork Removals and Storage are on hand to help with some tips for getting your home ready for a sale.

The importance of Imagery

Due to a higher demand for virtual viewings, good quality professional photos of your home are more important than ever in order to give your potential buyer a real feel for the property. Even though you may not have anyone physically in your home, with 360 degree HD camera lenses, there is nowhere for all your clutter to hide. It is time to get tidying!

Get recycling

Online shopping has been an absolute necessity during the pandemic and along with this comes all that packaging. You may have been using up the cardboard for some crafting fun or home school projects with the kids….creating even more disorder! So if your recycling is stacked to the brim with cardboard and your bins are overflowing with polythene mailbags and glitter then it might be time to head to the tip! Declutter all that rubbish in one go so your beautiful Rightmove photos aren’t littered with litter – but please do be mindful to recycle what you can.

Have you been stockpiling?

It might have been very tempting to stock up on pasta, loo roll and flour this time last year but if you are trying to sell your home 1000 loo rolls in the dining room are not going to be aesthetically pleasing. It might be time to break out the Jamie’s Italian cookbook and binge eat pasta for a few weeks. Alternatively if you really did go to town with the bulk buying it might be worth some cheap short term storage options.

Storage is a necessity

Lockdown 1.0 saw a lot of fads; from bread makers and bikes to kayaks and caravans we got drawn in by one craze or another. If you no longer have the room for these oversized items then give us a call.

At Clockwork we offer long and short term storage options to suit all budgets, so if you need to store a mobile home for a month or all your home gym equipment for a few weeks before you sell your home, then get in touch with our storage teams today on 0800 195 8671


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