Selling your House: It is Time to De-clutter!

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It is impossible to switch on the TV, tune into the radio or pick up a paper without seeing stories about the housing market at the moment, and the summer certainly spells the start of the busy season for us at Clockwork Removals and Storage.

De-cluttering 101

If you have ever researched any tips on selling your home; de-cluttering, cleaning and tidying are always right up at the top. Research suggests it takes just eight seconds in your home for a buyer to decide if they want your house, so first impressions are paramount. Property experts rank a tidy home as your highest priority when selling a house so if you think you are lacking in space and feel your home is looking a bit cluttered the chances are the buyers will too.

Sometimes de-cluttering can seem like a mammoth task but take one room at a time and get your whole family involved. Use, what the experts call, the “3 box method”. One box is for storage, one is for charity and one is for the bin and go through your house popping anything you don’t regularly use into one of the three boxes. Remember, if you can’t remember the last time you used or wore something, the chances are you don’t need it.

Keeping Clutter Free

You might also like to think about boxing up and storing your “personal clutter” before you invite people around for a viewing. If you have a dresser full of cosmetics or shelves packed with photo frames it is worth packing them away to storage for a few weeks. Prospective buyers want to imagine themselves in your house and they cannot do this if there are lots of personal items on every available space.

Finally, though your spare room and garage might be a god send to pack away unused furniture it may not be for your buyers. Keep your spare spaces clutter (and furniture) free so people can imagine what they would do in these areas when they own your home. They may want to transform your spare room into a study or your garage into a home gym!

At Clockwork we offer both secure containerised and self storage. We can pick your items up from your home too so you don’t have to worry about moving any furniture or large personal items. For more information on our storage services contact your local branch today.


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