How to Move House with Children

It’s hard enough to manage children on a day-to-day basis — never mind amongst the stress of moving house! 

But what if it didn’t have to be so stressful? 

Here are our top tips for moving with the little ones to make it smooth sailing for the whole family. 

How to move house with children

7 tips for moving house with kids 

Here are seven of our best tips for moving house with children while ensuring you stay organised along the way. 

1. Keep them in the loop: Start off on the right foot by warning your children early on. Sometimes kids need time to get comfortable with an idea, so telling them of your plans sooner rather than later can help them mentally ‘settle in’ to their new home. It also gives you time to answer their questions when you’re not so busy with packing and organising. 

2. Pay a visit: If you’re able to, take your children to see the new house first before moving day. This visit will help familiarise them with an unfamiliar setting, giving them an idea of what to expect. It’s also a chance to get them excited for the upcoming move which should make the big day a lot easier. 

3. Get labelling: Organisation is everything. When handling both a house move and children’s needs simultaneously, you need to save precious time wherever possible. Labelling is essential for this, though it’s up to you exactly how you label the boxes. You might want to label everything by room, by contents or even by order of unpacking if you’re super organised. 

4. Put their comforts in an easy-to-reach place: Think about what comforts or entertains your child. It could be a favourite toy, snack or blanket. Maybe they like a certain book or board game. Whatever is going to soothe or amuse your child during the move, pack it in an easy-to-reach place. If these items are going to keep them calm and occupied during the moving process, this will help you get on with the packing and unpacking in relative peace. 

5. Try and stick to routine: This is easier said than done but try and stick to your child’s routine as much as possible. Whether it’s meal times, nap times or story time, establishing a sense of familiar routine can make your child feel more comfortable in this potentially unsettling time. We understand this might not be achievable but just do your best! 

6. Hire a removal company: Save time and effort by letting a removal company handle the ins and outs of your move. As a parent, especially one who is moving house, you’re spinning so many plates. Here at Clockwork Removals, we can ease your burden thanks to our comprehensive removal services. This includes a packing service, storage facilities, and professional moving services to take your belongings across the country and even overseas. 

7. Mark the occasion: Reward your child for helping out with the move by finishing off the busy day with a pizza and movie night. Or maybe you can have board games or a football close to hand to celebrate with a family tournament. However your family likes to mark an occasion, give your little ones something to look forward to at the end of the moving day. 

Our team is here to wish you luck for your upcoming move — and if you need a little help, Clockwork Removals is here to lend a hand. 

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