14 Top Cleaning Tips for Moving into a New House

Top Cleaning Tips for Moving into a New Home

Cleaning your home may not be a top priority on the run up to move day but an empty house makes for a much easier clean.  If you can get ahead and obtain your keys earlier or have the option to move your home effects into storage for a day or two, you will be able to clean your home before the movers start delivering. This will ensure a nice clean start in your new home.

Every home is different but the cleaning fundamentals are the same! Check out our tips to get you started on cleaning your new home.

  1. First and foremost remember to make sure you don’t pack your cleaning products and appliances. Take them in your car separately so they are on hand and you can get cracking asap. You’ll need a vacuum, mop, bucket, dustpan and brush, cloths and all your favourite cleaning products. Scissors always come in handy and snacks are an essential.
  2. The most important entity for cleaning is hot water! Once you are in your new home check the immersion heater is running or pop the hot water on.
  3. Start with the Fridge. You will more than likely be bringing some fridge food over from your old home so it is a top priority to get that into your new fridge first.
  • Remove all the shelves and drawers and clean them with warm soapy water.
  • Clean inside the fridge with a damp cloth paying special attention to the drain hole at the back. Use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to get rid of any grime and smells.
  • Dry off the shelves and drawers and replace them back inside.

Now your fridge is sparkling it is ready for your food. Once your perishables are stored you can get on with the rest of the house.


Next on your list is the bathroom/s and essentially the toilet.

  1. If you are happy using bleach pour that round the toilet bowl to start with and let it work it’s magic while you clean the rest of the room.
  2. Next stop is the bathroom extractor fan.
  • Use a vacuum or brush to clear away fluff from the filter.
  • Use warm soapy water to clean the rest.
  • If the grill is removable, take it off and give it a good wash and soak.
  1. Now for the bath – we got a great tip from Good Housekeeping. Fill the bath with hot water and add in a few scoops of biological washing powder. Leave it overnight and hey presto – a sparkling bath!
  2. If the shower head needs a freshen up, fill a plastic bag with a half water half vinegar solution. Put it over the showerhead ensuring the solution covers all the holes and secure it on with an elastic band. Leave for an hour and return to a shiny clean showerhead.
  3. Finally, dissolve any potential dirt down the plughole by pouring in a mixture of bicarbonate and vinegar followed by lots of hot water.


You’ll now be working up a hunger but before prepping lunch, get your kitchen looking spotless.

  1. Clean down kitchen cabinets and drawers first, washing them inside and out and remember the handles!

Next tackle the appliances.

  1. Depending on the state of the oven you may want to call in the professionals. Professional oven cleaners are experts, using specialist chemicals to remove even the hardest, cooked in stains. Alternatively clean it yourself. Oven cleaning kits are available from most supermarkets and they provide specialist products and equipment.
  2. If you have a dishwasher, pop it on empty choosing the cycle with the highest heat setting… but remember to clean out the filter first!

Once you have Vacuumed and mopped the floors thoroughly it is time for lunch!

Now for the soft furnishings. If you are moving into a rental you probably have all the existing blinds and curtains. You may also have some soft furnishings included in your house sale.

  1. Using a steam cleaner is best for cleaning soft furnishings safely and effectively. If you don’t have one you can hire one (along with a carpet cleaner!) from most big supermarkets.
  2. Alternatively you may prefer to take your blinds and curtains to a reputable dry cleaner to get them looking as good as new.
  3. Now go through the rest of the rooms moving from top to bottom…literally. Clean and dust the higher areas such as ceilings, walls and trim first, then gradually work your way down to the flooring. This way you will prevent dirt and debris from landing on freshly-cleaned surfaces.

If you are moving home and require storage while you carry out a deep clean get in touch with your local Clockwork team to find out more about our flexible and cost effective storage solutions.


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