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Tips for the Perfect Property Photos

Posted on by Clockwork.Removals

Property photos, seen online or in an estate agent, are your real “shop front” when it come Property Photosto selling your home so make sure they are perfect. Here are our top tips for taking the perfect property photo.

  • Using the correct kit is always the best place to start. Use a tripod to position your camera and hold it perfectly still for clearer, sharper snaps. A good flash and a wide angled lens will also help create more appealing images.
  • Even if it is midday in July you can never have enough light so before taking your property photos turn all your house lights on.
  • You may like your furniture arranged a certain way but have a think through what arrangement looks best from an aesthetically pleasing point of view. Adding a vase of flowers, setting the table and adding some table lamps will all add to the “ambience” of the room.
  • It is a well known fact that the cleaner and tidier the house, the better they sell. Whatever time of year you are selling, make sure you do a thorough “spring clean” before you take any pictures.  If you must keep your clutter, do try and hide it away in draws, cupboards and wardrobes!
  • The Exterior. For the outside shots of your lovely home, it is a matter of the early bird catches the worm. Natural light is at its best in the morning and there are less people about to get in the way of your images!
  • Always take your photos from more than one viewpoint within a room. You get more variation when choosing the perfect image and allows prospective buyers to real get a feel for each room.
  • Straight Lines. As a general rule make sure all your lines appear vertical so keep your lens aimed horizontally.

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