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Are You Moving House in the School Holidays?

Posted on by Clockwork.Removals

Moving House in the School Holidays

It is that time of year again, moving season… but it is also the school holidays! If you are moving house this summer and have children, check out our top tips for a (nearly) stress free move.

Before the MoveInternational moving

  • Visit the new place you are moving to and check out the local parks and play areas to familiarise your kids and get them excited about the move.
  • Keep Positive. Kids can pick up on the smallest of anxieties so keep super positive about the move. Encourage them to ask questions and talk them through any moving worries they have.
  • Make a memory box of their old house, with photos and treasures from their time there so they don’t feel like they are leaving it behind.

Move Day

  • Move day can be particularly stressful for lots of reasons so if you can, arrange Moving Housefor your children to go to a friend or relatives for a special treat on moving day.
  • If your children are at home get them involved and give them small tasks to do so they feel like they are helping.
  • Involve them as much as possible in the packing and unpacking. Let them colour in their own packing boxes and allow them to decide where the furniture will go in their new room.

Wherever you are moving too, let Clockwork help make your move into one big adventure for all the family.  

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