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Clockwork’s Top Tips for Packing Breakables

Posted on by Clockwork.Removals

Tips for Packing BreakablesPacking Breakables

The first thing people think about when moving house is the packing. We live in an age of the consumer society and it is fair to say the average person has a lot of “stuff”. Whether your personal possessions are fine antiques or not, you are sure to have some breakables within your home. Mirrors, framed artwork, crockery and glassware all need to be packed away safely before a move.

Clockwork HQ recently had a chat with Sheffield Branch Manager, Andrew Brown and Operations Manager, Steven Hale, to get their top tips on packing breakables before a move.

  • Add padding to the bottom of the box to form cushioning (scrunched up paper or bubble wrap will do).
  • Always put the heaviest items at the bottom of the box.
  • Wrap everything loosely and separately in paper, to ensure more padding and protection.
  • Pay special attention to protecting the stems of wine and champagne glasses (you will need them for your moving in party!)
  • All plates should be wrapped separately and placed on their side, as this is their strongest point.
  • Use plain white acid free paper for all your packing and wrapping, newspaper not only leaves a residue but can also tarnish silverware. Reputable removal companies will be able to supply you with this or will offer full packing services.
  • Framed artwork will need to have thick card placed on the front to protect the glass. The entire picture will then need to be export wrapped.
  • Oil paintings will sweat during transit so will need to be securely wrapped in a special bubble wrap with a breathable membrane. Box canvas artwork will need its own card case for added protection.
  • Large vases and other heavy high value breakables should have their own bespoke crate and fragile light fittings need to be hung in a crate full of polystyrene flow pack.

Whether you have a high value move or a high volume move, Clockwork Removals and Storage offer packing and export wrapping services to help ensure things tick along on move day.  Call us today on 0800 195 8671 for more information on our services.

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