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Bored on a Summer Road Trip? Check Out These Car Games.

Posted on by Clockwork.Removals


Quintessential Car GamesClockwork Removals London

Whether you are heading up to the Edinburgh Festival or down to the Notting Hill Carnival and Goodwood Festival, car journeys around the UK can be long and arduous especially if you have a car full of bored kids. Why not take some inspiration from us and play a good old car game. It’s fun for all the family …. Not just the kids!


  1. Car Bingo.  A hybrid of Eye Spy and Bingo this game will take a bit of preparation, but it is worth it. Before heading out on the road put together cards, enough for each passenger, packed with pictures of different things you would see on the journey; traffic lights, roundabouts, obscure makes of car, farm animals etc. Similar to bingo, the first person to spot all the items and cross them off their card wins!
  2. 20 Questions. AKA “Who Am I” and “Animal, Vegetable, Mineral”. One player thinks of something (a family member, cartoon character, farm animal etc) and the other players ask “yes” or “no” questions to discover clues to who/what they are. Make it as simple or as ‘high brow’ as you like by adding categories or by limiting the number of questions.
  3. Colour Safari. One passenger picks a colour and the players must spot a set number of items of that chosen colour. The first player to hit the magic number wins.
  4. BeetleBug. The first person to spot an old fashioned VW “Bug” Beetle wins! It’s as simple as that.
  5. Crafts. If you have a really long journey ahead of you pick up some re-stickable stickers. The kids can use them to create farmyards, traffic scenes or school rooms using the window as a blank canvas. Another option could be to use something as cheap and simple as pipe-cleaners. Ask your children to “build” a car, magical creature etc using an array of colours. This is fun and uses up a surprising amount of time!
  6. Lorry Spotting – Each passenger has to keep their eyes peeled for certain lorries; 10 points for Tesco, 15 points for Eddie Stobart, 20 points for a Clockwork lorry. The passenger with the most points at the end of the journey wins.

Wherever you are heading off to on a car journey this August, if you see a Clockwork van or lorry remember to give us a wave!


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