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Are you Moving to Zurich?

Posted on by Clockwork.Removals

Zurich, The Facts!

In 2016 Zurich was voted the second best place in the world for expats to live by Mercer’sMoving to Switzerland Quality of Life Index. Zurich is one of the most popular areas of Europe for expats to move to and with excellent schools, a high quality of life, easy integration and low crime rates, it is no wonder.

Here are some of our fast facts for those who plan on moving to Zurich.

Language: German.

Population: 380,500

Average Temperature Winter: 2°.

Average Temperature Summer: 18°.

Currency: Swiss franc.

Flight time from the UK: 1hr 30mins

Known For: Dadaism was an art movement founded in Zurich’s Cabaret Voltaire in 1916 as a reaction to the First World War. The Dada movement rejected the logic and aestheticism of a capitalist society with their participants expressing nonsense and anti-bourgeois protests in their works of art. Famous Dadaists include Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray and Tristan Tzara.

Best areas to live:  Property in Zurich can be incredibly expensive and so living in the Moving to Zurichcity centre is more suited to single people or couples. In the city centre the cosmopolitan neighbourhoods of Langstrasse and Zurich West are firm favourites offering an abundance of entertainment. For those with families and a budget you will need to look a little further afield to get the space you may need. Areas such as Bulach and Dielsdorf are more affordable expat friendly places and for those with a larger budget, check out Pfannenstiel, Albiskette and Lake Zurich.

Cost of Living: Living costs are always the first thing to bear in mind before relocating. In Zurich monthly rent for a 3 bedroom flat in the city centre is about £2,676, a litre of petrol is £1.15 while the cost of dinner out for two people would set you back approximately £75. A beer would cost about £5.20, a monthly train ticket is £53 and a month’s utility bill is on average £130.

For more information on moving to Zurich get in touch with your local Clockwork team today on 0800 195 8671.

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